A Non Profit Building a Platform to Combat Depression.
Mission: Transform the way we communicate with friends about mental health to save lives, decrease social stigma, and give unconditional support to those who need it most.
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Peer to Peer

Find licensed professionals and support near you. Research shows individuals that demonstrate significant recovery after spending time with social support systems.

Accessible Protocols

Prevention Peer Protocols provide decision making strategies to assist individuals in emergency and non-emergency cases.

Empathy Strategies

Effective communication channels transform the way the world communicates about mental health. Equip yourself with the tools to be the daily support those around you need.

Advisor Dr. Kathy Platoni

A nationally renowned expert in the treatment of PTSD for our veterans who has served for more than 3 decades as a clinical psychologist and served as a U.S Army Officer, retiring as a full Colonel after 4 wartime deployments. Dr. Platoni has developed combat stress control, debriefing, and crisis management programs used throughout the U.S. Army.

CEO Benjamin Greiner

Greiner is the CEO and founder of the non-profit organization The Mental Health Communication Project Co., a company that is changing the way we communicate about mental health. With the companies first website, Greiner led TalkAboutDepression to become a finalist for the 2018 Stu Lieblein ‘90 Pitch Contest.
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